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Life Coach . Counsellor . speaker.

Real life can feel really hard.  Messy relationships, sucky jobs, heartbreak, trauma, and dreams that bit the dust.  

I really get that.

The number of people that report being unhappy is climbing. There’s an inability to get away from work, pressure to perform, and so much rushing around and comparison to the lives of others - even when we don’t mean to. It’s exhausting. Stressful. Overwhelming.

And all the advice about happiness and self-help books isn’t making a dent. Don’t get me wrong - I love a good self-help book. But even the good advice out there is competing with a lot of other noise.

What I’ve learned is that if you keep chasing happiness, you’ll never find it.  If you really want it, you might have to look at it differently. 

Maybe more like contentment.  Like expecting joy - really, truly expecting joy. But also learning how to cope with what life throws at you without needing to engage in harmful coping mechanisms. Learning how to not get tossed around so much. Digging in and finding out what’s making you unhappy - so you can move forward differently. Everyone can do that.

Dark times can be a sucky kind of catalyst.  The thing that makes you think differently.  An invitation to step further into yourself. It’s not the kind of invitation you look forward to.

But sometimes the struggle you find yourself in provides just the opportunity you needed. To find an acceptance of yourself you never knew was possible. 

You can learn to show up differently - whether it's in your personal life, as a leader, or whatever role you happen to be playing.  Join Me. 

P.S. If you’re interested in my qualifications, find them here.