Individual and Leadership Coaching:

It depends. I know that's vague but it does depend on what's going on for you, whether or not you've done anything like this before, and what you're struggling with.

I offer 6 session coaching packages so you can have a timeline and so you can make a commitment to the process.  

I also offer maintenance coaching because life happens.  


Again, it depends. Annoying, I know. But it’s your process. You come as long as you think it’s valuable, and I’ll check in with you regularly to ensure we’re working in a way that’s effective for you. We need to be on the same page, and I value your feedback and collaboration in making sure we are. What I know for sure is that the best stuff happens when you keep showing up.


I heard a quote once.  "Issues are like belly buttons.  We all have them."  Not everyone is brave enough to admit that, or courageous enough to seek a better life.  That's okay.  But you are and you should stand by that.

I’ve had an interesting road to what I’m doing now, but it’s where my heart always was. I started out in politics/policy (I worked in Washington D.C - first for a Senator then as a lobbyist), then studied and practiced law (loved and hated it). I was involved in those careers for 13 years.

I ended up seeing a “life coach” because I was miserable and not coping. He was more like a therapist and a spiritual mentor, and absolutely transformed the way I thought about everything. I studied with and was mentored by him for 12 years (here in New Zealand). Meanwhile, I learned whatever I could about human development, human behaviour, human potential and the human condition.

You know how some women try to hide shopping from their husbands?  I try to hide my book and course purchases (not really, he knew this about me).  On the Clifton Strengths profile, one of my top 5 is Learner.  I read a lot: on coaching, counselling, psychotherapy, psychology, empathy, the brain, the mind/body connection and spirituality. And fiction when my brain is tired, which I must admit is more often as I get older.

Here are my official degrees:

  • Working on completion of Bachelor’s Degree in Social Services (Counselling) (Accelerated degree, nearly there - completion scheduled Nov 2019)

  • Dip. Holistic Life Coaching (2 years theory and practice plus 10 years of being coached, counselled and mentored)

  • Certificate of Completion NZCLE (LLB Equivalent plus Admission to NZ Bar)

  • Juris Doctor (Law Graduate (Hons), U.S. plus Admission to MT Bar)

  • Bachelors in Animal Science

Crazy, right? But I guess (I hope) it goes to show that you can do whatever you want to at anytime.

Being involved in all those different things gave me a unique perspective on life. It enriched my story. Politics and law gave me a good base in legislation and social policy as well as the ability to examine all sides of an issue (there’s always more than two). It also enables me to understand corporate life, which is particularly handy when I speak to corporates!


Coaching, counselling and contemplative psychotherapy principles, as well as mindfulness and mind/body connection. That might mean something to you, or it might not.  To me, it means that our past impacts our present, our physiology, and how we operate in the world, but it needn’t be that way forever. You can learn to unravel the past for a different present and future, AND you can learn to manage your life differently while you’re doing that.


Some of the on-site/Other training I've done.

Getting the Love You Want Couples Workshop - Yvonne and Brian Pauling

Practical Application of the Latest Discoveries from Neuroscience - with Dr John Arden (Psychologist)

Brain Development and Learning - with Nathan Mikaere Wallis (Child Counsellor, Developmental Expert and Teacher) 

Depression and Suicide Prevention in Men - with Barry Taylor (NZ Suicide Expert)

How to Work With the Patterns that Sustain Depression - with NICABM (National Institute for the Clinical Application of Behavioural Medicine)

Women's Wisdom - with Nianna Bray (Yoga & Meditation Teacher, Women’s Empowerment Teacher)

Meditation and Breathing Retreat - with Clement McGrath (Transformation Coach, Creator of Miracles and Mastery)

Mythology Archetypes Retreat - with Clement McGrath and Voni Dyson (Transformation Coach)

altMBA - developed by Seth Godin for high-performing individuals who want to level up and lead) 

B-School (with Marie Forleo)

Yoga, Meditation and Mindfulness. No one gets fancy letters for doing them, but they are the most transformational.  I’ve been practicing now for 14 years and will keep practicing til’ I’m gone. They’re game-changers.